Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Color Wheel

Do you remember learning about the color wheel? about color combinations? You know, way back when in Elementary School.... Well, I didn't very well, but I recently purchased a color wheel. What a difference! It has gotten me out of my comfort zone of just keeping cool colors with cool, warm with warm, or just pulling out a color from my photo or paper. I have been referencing it to get "harmonious color schemes". I select my key color and then chose from what the wheel is showing me.... it's easy and it's fabulous! I used it on the layout I featured for my post on Rule of Thirds. I took my background color of blue-green and chose to use the split complementary scheme, which is orange and red. I would of never put those colors together, and you know what, they look great.
I am going to continue to "refresh" my memory about the color wheel and just color theory in general. Color is such a big part of my world, of design in general. Color makes me happy. As I learn, I will create and post. I encourage you to get a color wheel and play. See what combinations you can use on your next layout. Does it break you out of your comfort zone? I hope so.
Enjoy! Play! Color!

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