Friday, April 16, 2010


This is it! My latest canvas... I had fun creating it, but also struggled at the end, trying to get it right... I used acrylic paint on the background. I wanted it to be very colorful, but when I finished with the painting part, it was just so bright! I took a Mod Podge/black acrylic paint mix and brushed it over the entire background to dull it down a bit. The paper I used was a 12x12 piece from Prima. I cut out the swirly part and then made it a frame by cutting out the center. Bling of course and some Prima flowers... (just love Prima flowers!!!) The flourish image in the top left is a Tattered Angels stamp and I used my acrylic paint as my "stamp pad".
The flowers that I used originally had white centers on their petals. I took my Copic markers and colored the top layer of petals to add more color... that is a little gem hanging from behind the pink flower.
This is another shot of the flowers and of the little bird embellishment that I used.....
This was just a flat butterfly embellishment. I wanted to raise it a bit and wasn't sure at first if I wanted it on my project. I glued it to a little clip and then just clipped it on to my paper... it worked out perfectly...
These were little square mirrors that I had from who knows what project... I put them on the canvas and then added my little embellishments to them to complete the look.
I do like my canvas, and then again I am needing it to "grow" on me... but overall I am satisfied. I really enjoyed working on this project and there is something so fabulous about painting onto a fresh canvas!


  1. Hey your Create canvas is beautiful! I really love your blog and your layouts, I just became a follower :)