Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Mind's Eye Challenge #10 "Dream Big"

This was my layout that I did for the My Mind's Eye Challenge #10 Contest... The theme was "Dream Big" after the song by Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband. I took the lines that I liked from the song and put them on tags that are in the pocket. I did this layout as a reminder to myself to still dream... just because I am a "grown-up" it doesn't mean that I can't dream still, and that I can't go after those dreams. This blog is one of those dreams... and I have enjoyed so much sharing here.

until next time...
Dream Big


  1. Such a fun LO! Love the pattern mixing!

  2. Love it, it's so much fun! What a great LO!

  3. Such a fun idea to add your favorite lines on the pocket! I love that picture of you.

    Your layout is just fabulous!