Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet Memories

I love these layouts! I did them a while back using the Bo Bunny Persuasion line. I love working with Bo Bunny Papers because of the colors. They always have such fabulous color combinations and their product are a good quality too! My only complaint... I have to usually buy 4 sheets of each design! lol... they are double sided and I usually love both sides. When I buy paper I try to buy two sheets of each because I love doing double page layouts and I like to have the option of making the pattern paper my background... and I am just a paper addict too! (shhh... don't tell my husband!)

Below: This was such a special and fun day for us: we went and got our marriage license! I was so happy and so in love! (still am...). There are several things I want to point out on the layouts below...

First of all, so you see that really cool piece of pattern paper that is shaped in the background? I love this shape! I traced it onto a piece of plain cardstock and have used it so many times with different pattern papers. (It is from the Bo Bunny Love Bandit Line).

My title, "smiling", was cut from my Silhouette. I cut it out of the Black Magic Line from Core'dinations Cardstock. I ran it through my Texture Boutique to emboss it, and then sanded the top to reveal the blue that is underneath the black! This is really great cardstock!

The red flower that I have on the layout above actually had longer petals. I needed it to fit inside the circle on my Bo Bunny Sticker so I trimmed the ends off! I really like the shape of the flower now also, instead of pointed petals it has flat ends...

I doodled around the edges of my shaped paper. The swirl that you see behind the flower is a piece of chipboard. I painted it and then applied Distress Crackle Paint in Rock Candy.
The word "amour" I cut out of my Silhouette and was planning on using on this page, but I love this paper too much to cover up. So, instead, I traced it onto my paper and colored it in with my Copic Markers. There is no fancy shading or coloring techniques, just coloring with one color and outlining in another.

The heart behind the journaling was done like the title on the other page, except that I used a different texture plate. The decorative corners on my pictures were stickers off of the Bo Bunny Sticker Sheet that was apart of the Persuasion line. If I needed more it is a shape that can easily be cut out of any paper and used.

On a side note...
Scrapbooking does bring back so many memories as you are working on your layouts. One thing that I am going to go back and add to the second layout is a hidden journaling tag. When we see pictures we usually think of the subjects that are in the picture, but not the person behind the camera. The picture of the both of us together holding our license is very special, not only because of the event, but because of who took our picture. It was my friend Debbie. She was the receptionist at where I used to work. I loved talking with her and she watched Chris & I date and fall in love and was one of the first people I told that I was engaged. When we got back to the office after getting our marriage license she was just as excited as I was! I remember us squealing like girls do and then her asking if we wanted a picture together... These pictures were taken September 15, 2006. Debbie passed away in December 2008. I miss her dearly and though these layouts record a special day in mine & Chris' lives, it also is a sweet memory of a dear friend.

Next time you are scrapping pictures and you think about the story behind the picture to add to your layout, ask yourself if there are any "hidden" stories that you would like to record as well. Celebrating this day with Debbie is a special memory and I am going to go back and add it to my layout. It is a memory that does not need to be forgotten.

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