Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are having a very wonderful day filled with love, joy, & blessings. I wanted to share a layout that I did, (three times before getting it right!) of a very special Christmas. It was 5 years ago today that my boyfriend, (now husband) proposed to me. I scrapbooked these pictures several times trying to get the layout just right.. never being satisfied until this layout... Layout #3! I know it sounds crazy, but it was such a special moment.... and my dad caught it perfect! (Picture on on the left side!) My parents knew that Chris was going to propose... and well... it was just a very special Christmas!
The tag on the layout is one of my tags from the 12 Tags of Christmas 2009.

Here are some pictures from that special Christmas....
I love this one of my little brother... he was just smiling too... (though maybe he was smiling at the thought of... "finally! I can get rid of her now!"!

Here is one of the pictures after all the festivities... I think that I smiled all day nonstop! I do remember my cheeks being sore from smiling so big and so much!

...and here is my all time favorite picture! This is the perfect photo... Chris on bended knee with the ring... me freaking out! I do remember my mom saying, "Christine, you still need to say 'Yes'."

I got my first digital camera this Christmas. We had one as a family, one of the first ones that were available... (can you tell from the quality of the picture?). Yes, I was a scrapbooker back then, and my parents knew that the upcoming year would hold so many special memories.

See how big my smile is????

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