Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dino Pails!

Good Morning! I wanted to share with you two little altered pails that I made for my cousins this past Thanksgiving. I love these little pails. I showed one back in December of one I did for Christmas. These I made using the Imaginisce Dino-Roar line. These set one the table at their places and they held a special treat for them! They are 3 years old, so Thanksgiving dinner is kind of boring after a while... so in their little pails they have a special toy! :) (a little Tow-Mater from the movie Cars!)

Did I mention they were twins? :) Oh how I love these little boys! They're as cute as can be, & smart... ok, enough doting! I put their names on each tin using little banners that I cut out & strung onto twine. I then tied each end to the handle.
The tops of the tins are adorned with paper rosettes. (love these!)

I bought the little stamps that go with this line and stamped them and cut them out to hang onto the side like little charms. This is a great way to get charms for your project without spending a lot of money! I covered the yellow dino with Glossy Accents to add a little extra stiffness and protection from tearing.

Dino Pails are great little happies to give to the cute, smart, wonderful little kids in your family!


  1. I just love these pails, they are so, so cute. Good luck on the Guest DT votes. I voted for you.

  2. these are adorable! I LOVE the paper rosettes!

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    Pammejo-Scrapbook Flair

  4. How cute are these pails!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! I am a new follower to your blog and hope to learn lots along the way! *Hugs*

  5. LOVE the dino pails!! Too cute!!