Monday, February 7, 2011

Introducing Technique Tags!

Happy Monday! As I was playing in my studio this weekend, I had a wonderful idea! A fabulous, wonderful idea! ...and I am so excited to present it to you now!

"Technique Tags"

It is no secret that I love learning new techniques! Pushing my supplies to the limit and trying different things... sometimes it works, sometimes... well, not so much! So, what I have decided to do is to make tags with the different techniques that I bring to you on my blog. Tags are the perfect size to play with and then I can put them on a big jump ring and it's an instant little technique book to refer to! I hope that you decide to play along and create your own tags using the techniques from here. So without further ado... the first tags!

The first tag is highlighting dry embossing with paint!
 To start I took my tag and ran it through my Texture Boutique. As you can see the tag is bigger than my embossing folder. What you can do is take a craft knife and slice a slit in the fold of the folder. Just leave about a quarter inch on each side. In doing this, you can now fit your tag in perfectly and you can also create embossed borders for your layouts!
Here is my tag embossed:
Now for the paint! I used Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Line paints, but any acrylic paint will work. I like these paints because the pigment is so rich and beautiful! There are 15 colors, and with that I have an endless colors that I can create by mixing. Here I mixed Dash of Red with Traditional Tan to get my pink.

Using an Ink Blending tool I loaded up my paint! Then you just lightly brush over your embossed design and the paint gets onto the raised portions. Some paint will get on the un-raised portions, but that is ok! It all looks so pretty and you can't mess it up!
What also is so great is that it dries so quick! I then just added a few embellishments and wha-la! I have a completed tag. Now, what you can do is write down the directions on the back of the tag, or any other information you want to remember about the technique, and then it will be easy to refer back to for inspiration!
Close Up:

 The second tag came because I had paint leftover on my mat that I wanted to use and not waste! This tag is stamping with acrylic paint!
Because my paint was on my mat already, I just dipped my stamp into it like I would a ink pad. Paint Dabbers work really great for this technique because you can just dab the paint right onto the stamp. I then just stamped my image all the way around my tag. 
The important thing about this technique is this: YOU WANT TO CLEAN THE PAINT OFF YOUR STAMP IMMEDIATELY! It will wipe off really easy at first, but if you let it dry then it will cake up your stamp and then you have to really scrub to remove it.

I hope you have had fun reading along! I am not sure what the weather is where you are, but here it is just snowing away. It was unexpected, so today is turning out to be a great crafting day!

I am also excited to share that I have received two awards for my blog! I am very excited about it and means a lot to me that I was thought of...
Faithfule Creations has bestowed upon me the Stylish Blogger Award! 

and Pam from Scrapbook Flair has given me a My Blog has Attitude Award!
I am so honored to have received these awards. Tomorrow I will go into them further and "Pass it On" to the blogs that have encouraged & inspired me.

OOPS! I almost forgot... I have decided to give some blog candy away to someone who left a comment on my blog hop post this past weekend. So many of you have helped further my blog and I am so grateful! THANK YOU. I will announce the winner and what they have won tomorrow. I still am going to do a big giveaway when I reach 300! So please help me promote my blog so I can give away goodies sooner than later! YIPPPEEE!


  1. Your tags are beautiful!!Thanks for sharing your knowledge---Sometimes I see others work and am unsure of how it was done.Thanks again.

  2. I love that you use different types of textures. Wish we lived in the same state to craft together. TFS

    Jess B.

  3. Great tags, always love techniques.

  4. Love the tags! I am learning so much from you guys!...Thank you!

  5. Wonderful tags, thanks for the tutorial.