Friday, March 18, 2011

Finish It Friday!

Oh Happy Friday! 
...and welcome to a new little "segment" on my blog! It's called,
"Finish It Friday"
I do not know about all of you, but I have quite the collection of unfinished layouts & projects! Below is my crate of unfinished layouts... (I know, I know...) I stopped counting at 30, but there were still at least 5 or 6 left to go! So, if you have unfinished projects, please play along! If we complete a project or two once a week... just think how quickly we will be finished!
 This is the layout I decided to finish this week. I had a small amount of time to scrapbook Thursday evening and I chose this layout because all that was left to do was journal! ...and I had actually taken pictures way back when (Nov. 27, 2010), as I did the layout, to use as a tutorial!
I used a sheet of Natural Cardstock for my base and paper from Crate Paper's Restoration Line.

I added my journaling and I was finished! I had to think for a minute or two about what I wanted to say, but after that it was a breeze! ...and to think: this layout has been sitting for 3 and a half months!
Now for the details:
"Ticket Rosette"
I had two tickets from the concert. I took one and cut it in half horizontally and put them together and then made a Rosette using my Martha Stewart Scoreboard.

Here is a fun little technique to use on double sided paper...

The How To:
I took a strip of paper and cut a slit into it. You do not want to go all the way to the top. Just about a half to three-quarters way up.

I then took a triangle, (from my drafting days) and lined it up with the top of my slit. Using a bone folder I scored along the edge of the triangle to create a crease, which allowed me to get a pretty fold with my paper. I glued both sides down and then went back with a brad to add some bling. The last step is to take another sheet of paper and adhere to the back so it shows, as if it is peeping from behind the main sheet...

I hope you have enjoyed the first edition of "Finish It Friday".
Have a wonderful, creative weekend!


  1. Great project !
    Have a great Monday ;-)
    Maria Elena~

  2. great blog, sure would like to know how you all have the time to do such wonderful blogs, seems so fun.