Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hoarders - "The Scrapbooker's Edition"

Have you ever seen the show Hoarders? I have watched an episode or two... and that is all I could handle. All the stuff these people 'collect'. WOW! I am ashamed to say that recently, as I was looking around my studio... I came to a realization... I am a "Scrap Hoarder". I have the hardest time throwing away even the smallest piece of scrap paper... "because I might be able to use it..." Below is a picture of all my scrap paper!
...and the sad thing is, most of these containers are to the point that it is more of a waste of time to look through than it is helpful! From this realization came a mission:
"To go through and organize my scraps."
I started last night... I tackeled the blue container, (it has all the blue scraps in it, I am some what organized with all the scraps!) The garbage that I found in there amazed me! Pieces of paper that I couldn't even get an 1" square punch out of... Yes... I am a Scrap Hoarder.
First Step: Admitting... check.
Now I must fix my problem.... I sorted the scraps into piles:
Throw Away -This pile contains scraps... minus the 's' = crap!
Keep - I tried to make this pieces of paper that were at least 3" or so...
Give Away - Paper that I know I will never use again... I am going to give to a local Chairity that I teach paper crafting at....
Card Making Bag - Smaller than 3" but paper that I love and could use to make cards.

Then I got to thinking... (uh-oh! we know what that can cause...) There were several pieces of blue scraps from paper that I had just loved... not big enough to really do anything with, but enough for maybe a punch or two... so out came my 1" square punch!
...and this is what I did:
A mosiac like paint can! This is a pint size paint can that I bought at Home Depot a while back... It was a couple bucks and just sitting on the shelf begging to be altered! (I want to go get another one to use Alcohol Inks on...just a thought!) Everything on this can was made using paper scraps... the flowers, the squares... even the top...
I had enough to make a rosette and punch a 2.5" scallop circle!
...then these mini's came...
...all from scraps! The blue card was made with all of these:
yes... I had kept these for the past two years... once again..."because I might use them..."

So, my question to you is,
"Are you a Scrapbook Hoarder"
What do you hoard? I also would like to know how you store your scraps? Is there a better way than how I am storing them?


  1. I would say I almost collect bling, little scraps and breaking down hard plastic packaging to ONE day use my alcoholic inks on... Just in case I neeeeed that little little little piece. Ugh bad. "You never know" kind of mind set. I've actually started using my punches and randomly punch my scraps out then store in containers.

  2. I wish I could say I was only a scrapbook hoarder :) I tend to keep anything that could be used for crafting. My craft room has never not been in chaos. I have too many crafting hobbies - I scrapbook and do other paper crafts, oil painting, crocheting/knitting. I love to sew and to make quilts but never have time so I have boxes of fabric that is just sitting there - need to give it away or sell it. I have my scraps organized by color but whenever I am making a project, I tend to pull out a new sheet of paper, thus making more scraps. I love the idea of punching out the paper that is too small to do anything else with and then storing those in smaller containers - maybe I will do that. Right now I just don't have much time to organize so I have a small space in my craft room where I create things I have to create and try to keep that little space cleaned up. I have to admit I have been helping with my local middle school musical and I used some of the things I have hoarded - little tiny bottles that I have had for years for example - and then of course I was glad I had held on to them. That is definitely a bad thing - now I am justified in keeping all the stuff :) My son says he will keep me from being a real hoarder - I am afraid he is going to have to.

  3. Super cute projects and what a fun way to purge your stuff! I haven't been scrapping long enough to have very many scraps, but my mom sorts hers by colors. She keeps them in 2 gallon Ziploc bags. I, being a teacher, tend to collect everything that could possibly have some kind of use! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Tiffany - http://sparkledmemories.blogspot.com/

  4. I try not to be a hoarder but it's hard. I have been on a no spending challenge since the first of February and loving it. This challenge is helping me to use the things I have on hand first.

  5. WooHoo!!! And I thought I was the only one. I store mine in a 12X12 drawer and it is a very big mess.

  6. I do have a lot of scrapbooking stuff, but I am the kind of person that does not like extras. I keep some scraps - but not very small ones. Yes I could be inventive and try to use them, but I think for me it's more effort than it's worth. I have one container brimming with scraps that I am trying to use up as we speak :) I'm not doing that great of a job! *LOL*

  7. Um, I feel a little silly; but I'm not much of a hoarder. I keep my scraps in a small filing box with files for each color and two files for patterned paper. I reach for those first before taking out any new paper. I'm on a VERY limited budget, so I can't afford to buy new things (I only have about $10 every 2 or 3 months). I also have a very small area for my crafting so I have to keep it very organized. Trust me - I'm the strange one!! My MIL and SIL's all hoard scrapbook stuff like no other. I'm constantly helping my MIL clean out her stash. She has cut out boarders and old stickers from 20+ years ago. It's normal!! As long as you can admit to it, I think it's fine!!!!!!!! :)