Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flowers, Leaves, & Bling... Oh My!

Hi! I am so excited to share some things that I learned this pass weekend! One thing is flower arranging...I took a Prima class so I could learn about this.... I wanted to learn this because sometimes when I try to arrange flowers on a page it kind of looks like the flowers threw up on the layout!
Here are the groupings that we did on the layouts... I changed mine up a bit from the way they were on the instructions... but I learned a few tips & tricks to share...

One thing is to start with the biggest flower and work to the smallest flower. On the grouping below I started with the blue flower and then added the green flower and then the pink.
Once your flowers are laid out.. then go back with the leaves, as fillers. After you have everything laid out the way you like, then glue down.

Another fabulous tip I learned is about bling! I love bling, but it can get quite costly... We were given one pack of a beautiful Prima swirl bling embellishment... and we used it for all three layouts! If you look at the bling you can see several different swirls and flourishes... you can cut it up and use it for several different groupings.

The blue glittery branch & leaves you see was so much fun... We took a felt sticker... it was brown on the front and sticky on the back... we used the sticky side and dipped it into the glitter creating our embellishment! So if you have any stickers that you are not wild about, you can use the back to add glitter or flocking!

Hope you have learned a little about flower arranging! Have a creative day!

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  1. I love the last layout and I am drooling over the blue flower of the first layout! Great job! Flower, flowers, flowers - aint they cool? LOve 'em!