Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stamp Storage Idea....

Happy Tuesday!
Today I have a storage idea for you!
I use to have all my acrylic and rubber cling stamps in binders. I loved it, but it was difficult to go through and some what of a pain to put them back... so I started to think of a solution!

When coming up with organizing ideas, you want to make sure that your solution makes it easy to put things back in their place. You are more likely to put something up if it is quick & easy vs. if it is more of a nuisance.

This is what I came up with:
A Clip It Up!!! I absolutely love it! It sits on a shelf in my closet and it is very easy to access. I can see all my stamps, get the one I want, use it, and then put it back! Easy-peasy!

I have them divided into categories and labeled:

I have another Clip It Up that I got for Christmas last year... It is two tiered and has all my embellishments on it. I love, love, love my Clip It Ups!

For my wood block stamps this is what I came up with a while back:
You can see the details here.

Hope you have a fabulous & creative day!

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