Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Chip of the Old Block!

Hi... thank you for stopping by! I have a confession for you today... Outside of my complete obsession for all things paper crafting, I am a computer nerd too! Hehe! Here is a layout that I did that showcases this little fact about me. 

It started with this sketch from PageMaps... 

I was instantly inspired and knew what I wanted to do... I found the sketch on my lunch break, so I printed it out and wrote and sketched all over it until I could get home and create away... 

...and this is my idea come to life...

I started with the background. I found this image on Google Image Search and sent it to Costco to print out as a 12 x 12 background. (This is one of my favorite little tricks to really customize a layout... whether it be a picture like this or one of my own). 

Awhile back I spilled coffee on my laptop keyboard.. very sad. So I had to order a new one because it was all sticky... Once I installed the new one, I kept the old one to use the keys on a layout. When these pictures were taken, I just knew this was the layout I was waiting for... 

They worked out just perfect! I also had an old old laptop that died a few years ago, and I took it apart and stole the RAM out of it to include on my layout: 

...and then my jounaling documenting this memory with my Dad. Behind it are a couple of tags and one of them has a picture on it!

This layout was so much fun to create. Using the unique embellishments and being able to capture this memory with my Daddy! 

What is the most unique thing that you have used on a layout? Until next time, Happy Creating! 

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  1. This is so cute. How awesome!? Reminds me of my Daddy and me, too. We love gadgets. Good job! Love it!