Thursday, March 31, 2016

Twinkling in My Studio...

I am sharing another page from my art journal today. I am working on several projects, but i keep going back to my art journal. It is just so much fun for me right now. I also and using this as a submission to the ColourArte Design Team Call. fingers crossed! 

Once again...starting with blank pages... You can see here that I have parchment paper between my pages. This is to protect the rest of the journal as I get a bit carried away with paint, ink, and more!!! 
...and you can see that my parchment paper is very well loved. 

I wanted to play with resist techniques. So using Extra Thick Gloss Medium and ColourArte Silks, I created the color I wanted to use with my stencil. The Gloss Medium is what will resist the other mediums used. 
 I used the Silks to add color to my Gloss Medium. Otherwise it would of dried clear. 

Now time to stencil... 

 After spreading the yellow medium out, I decided to shake it up a little more and added some orange to the stenciling.... 

I loved how it turned out... 

I had quite a bit of medium on my stencil, so I once I pulled it up, I put it face down on the opposite page and used a brayer to "stamp" the stencil on to the page. 

This really made me happy! I then used my heat gun to dry it. This side took a lot less time to dry vs. the other side. It was not as thick. 

Now this is where the magic begins! Using the Twinkling H2O's from ColourArte, I washed color over the pages. I was able to wipe it off of all my stenciling. 

See how the stenciling resisted the Twinkling H2O's? 

I then used another one of my favorite stencils and Distress Ink and created rays. 

A little gesso to create a place for my quote... 

Both sides are now washed in that beautiful color! 

Now after this, I just started playing. Adding some Dylusions Paint, Tissue Paper, Washi Tape and a few photos.... 
...and Wa-La!!! 

Supplies Used: 

Until next time loves... Happy Creating! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

"Water your Flowers"

Happy Monday! 
Today I am going to share my favorite Art Journal page so far...
...and it all started with a blank page.
I love opening my journal up and looking at a blank page... so empty and so ready for so many possibilities!

Using Matte Medium, I covered both pages in various pieces of scrap paper. 

Mixing Modeling Paste with ColourArte Silks, I created a two-toned texture using a stencil from Faber-Castell. 

 I knew I was going to be adding a ton of color, so to protect my stenciling, I painted Gloss Gel Medium over it, once it was dried. 

I then proceeded to go absolutely crazy with color! Using my Silks and several different techniques from straight to paper, to using it as a wash, to mixing with my Multi-Medium. 

I also added a little more stenciling...

I started this page with a very specific quote in mind... 
Here it is added: 

 I chose a Bird of Paradise because of the meaning behind the flower:
" Joy through challenges and successes alike."

I sketched it out and then colored it in with the Silks.

Here is the completed page. It makes me happy every time I see it! 

Until next time...
Happy Creating! 


Monday, March 21, 2016

Art Journaling...

Happy Monday Loves! 

I spent the weekend creating... and going on a shopping spree for art supplies! Needless to say, I am one happy girl. 

My mind has been on creative overdrive the past month. I have played with several new mediums as well as dabbled with Zentangle and keeping a sketch book.

I am happier than I have been in a long time. A couple weeks ago, I purchased an Art Journal, Ranger Ink - Dylusions Creative Journal. This has been one of the most inspiring and soul nurturing projects. There are no rules. Every art journal is unique to it's creator... and I LOVE it. 

Today I want to share the first page I ever did in my journal... 

Here are some highlights of the first page: "Pieces"

The quote that inspired this page is:

"You don't know this new me. I put back my pieces differently." 

This is a perfect quote for me. I have been broken and I am putting myself back together. Differently, but me. A beautiful, crazy, mess!

A blank page. Just waiting to have the inspiration and ideas come to life on it.

Covered in Gesso & Liquitex Ink.


The completed page was perfect. There are personal details on it, so I am not going to share the whole completed page. ...but it is a journal, free for me to express me, my feelings, and my life. 

If you get into Art Journaling, remember: THERE ARE NO RULES! Play, enjoy, experiment. This is your creative expression and it is perfectly unique to you.  

Until next time... Happy Creating! 


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Note to Self: You Got This

Hello Lovelies. I wish I could even begin to share what the past three years have been like, what they have done to me. I have been to the depths of Hell and back, and then to the depths again. I have not wanted to create. Being in my studio hurt and was just too painful. ....but I also knew it is where I would find healing. Longing for the freeing experience of creating, I tried over and over to get back in there. Here and there, I did. 
As time has passed, I have found myself longing even more to release my creativity. New Year's Day I came in here and it was magical. It felt like home again. My happy place. My safe place. It brought peace and clarity. 

As I was in here, I thought a lot about what I am wanting out of life. So, I was thrown a curve ball, and I am not where I thought I would be, but I am done letting what I have been through guide where I am going. Yes, that may not of worked. Yes, I was faced with some scary things. BUT that doesn't mean I have to give up on my dreams. To give up on me. ...and that is what I had done. 

Slowly I am redefining my dreams and goals. Perspective is such a crazy little word. I am changing my perspective of myself and my life. I am sure I will stumble, I am sure it will have its bumps in the road, but I know I will be happier, I will be truer to myself, and I will enjoy the journey of life more than ever. 

I couldn't think of a better layout to start this journey off then the one below. This is one that I did create this past year. As much as I love scrapbooking and reliving the wonderful memories that come when looking at my photos, I have learned that scrapbooking the tough times, the feelings that tear you up inside, the heartache, the pain... that releasing that on a blank canvas is one of the most therapeutic experiences. 

As far as technique goes, this is a fairly basic layout. The edges are inked and there is splattered ink throughout. I used paper from Kaiser Craft's Expressions line. 

Up Close: 

I look forward to what my journey has ahead of me. In life and in my studio. I have started drawing and sketching, playing with Zentangle, and even a little bit of writing. My creativity has been found and I feel whole again.