Monday, March 28, 2016

"Water your Flowers"

Happy Monday! 
Today I am going to share my favorite Art Journal page so far...
...and it all started with a blank page.
I love opening my journal up and looking at a blank page... so empty and so ready for so many possibilities!

Using Matte Medium, I covered both pages in various pieces of scrap paper. 

Mixing Modeling Paste with ColourArte Silks, I created a two-toned texture using a stencil from Faber-Castell. 

 I knew I was going to be adding a ton of color, so to protect my stenciling, I painted Gloss Gel Medium over it, once it was dried. 

I then proceeded to go absolutely crazy with color! Using my Silks and several different techniques from straight to paper, to using it as a wash, to mixing with my Multi-Medium. 

I also added a little more stenciling...

I started this page with a very specific quote in mind... 
Here it is added: 

 I chose a Bird of Paradise because of the meaning behind the flower:
" Joy through challenges and successes alike."

I sketched it out and then colored it in with the Silks.

Here is the completed page. It makes me happy every time I see it! 

Until next time...
Happy Creating! 


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