Sunday, November 15, 2009

Altering Embellishments

There are so many different types of embellishments on the market and they come in about every color and size you can imagine! But, it can get costly if you go to the store and buy every color flower they have or to get brads to match all your upcoming projects... I have started altering my embellishments to fit my needs for whatever I may be working on... I now can get away with buying a pack of white flowers, a bag of clear buttons, or just plain silver brads... but when I am finished with them...wha-la! Following are several different methods to alter embellishments... Enjoy!

Here are a bunch of buttons that I "played" with... most started with just a plain clear button...

The same with the above brads... most were just silver brads... I love the way that embossing looks on both the buttons and the brads. (Just make sure when embossing brads you have something to hold the brad with, and wait til it cools to touch it... they get hot!!!)

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