Thursday, February 11, 2010

in the details....

This is a close up of my tools that I like to have with in easy
reach while I am scrapbooking and creating....
Adhesive - tape runner, liquid glue, glue stick, glue pen
Good Scissors - detailing and regular, Exacto Knife, Black & Brown pen, Black & Brown ink pads, & my Crop-a-dile, just to name a few...

The back side of my bag....

I love my Ribbon Rings! It is a great way to
store your ribbon and be able to see all
that you have... and it keeps it wrinkle free!

These were Woodwick Candle Jars. I loved the jars, so after we burned the candles, I cleaned them out and am using them for storage. Look for neat things around your home that could be used for storage, and are pretty! :)

This is how I store my paper. The left side is all my pattern paper, sorted by color. The right side is all my cardstock, also sorted by color. I like that I can pull out a draw and take it to my desk to find what I need.

Stickles! I work at a local scrapbook store. Some of my ladies told me that Stickles were suppose to be stored upside down... I love Stickles, and never knew that... and they work so much better when stored this way! They told me to get couplings from Lowe's and glue them down and it will help keep the Stickles upside down. These are 3/4" couplings.

Here is a close up of all my tubs that are in my closet. I have them sorted and labeled. This works well for me. I can take what I need to my desk, and easily put it back. Some of the tubs include: Bling, Chipboard, Grungeboard, Distress Inks, Stamp Pads, etc...

My Glimmer Mist! (I have a few more bottles that I have added since this picture...did I mention that I LOVE this stuff!) This is kept that on my shelf over my desk so that I can easily get to it.

O.K. this is where it gets bad... All of these tubs are my scraps.
I have them organized by color so it is easy to search for what I need.

So, this is my space. I have it organized to what works best for me. I hope that you have been able to get some good ideas and inspiration to bring to your space.

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  1. Love your organization Christine! You're so very good at it! I no longer have a scrap room, so I am currently trying to establish a studio space. Come and help me find one! lol. LOVE the coupling idea! So many awesome and TOTALLY useful things can come from the "men's departments". And they're usually cheaper too! There's a blog for ya! hehe