Monday, February 15, 2010

so... what was this about bleach???

Well, in an early post I wrote about playing with bleach. I wish that I could say I had more samples for you, but I have just one... I was going to wait and post it when my layout was finished, but it will be a while... I have quite a busy week ahead of me and am planning a baby shower, so all my attention is going to that at this time... but here is what I have done so far....This is how I started... I cut out the title, "birthday girl" with my Silhouette. I used re-postionable adhesive, (just a little bit...) to hold it to my paper. I am using Coredinations cardstock. I then used a mini-mister to spritz bleach all over the paper. I am working in a bath tub for this... and in "yucky" clothes... (bleach precautions...) I let it dry completely and this is what I found when I took off my mask.... drum roll please! As you can see... it didn't "bleach out" the color to white... it just lightened it! I really LOVE the look! Early, I mentioned that I was using Coredinations cardstock. I did this because I do believe that it matters. I tested bleach out on another scrap piece before I started. It did bleach out the color... so test your paper before beginning your project. Though I did this fully intending to get it bleached to white... I was pleasantly surprised with this outcome though. Well, have fun playing!