Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm Back... with so much Inky Goodness!

Hello! Happy Thursday... It has been too long since I have been here... unfortunately I have to admit that I haven't had too much time to create really these last couple weeks.  ...and then something awful happened: I hit a creative wall block! BUT all that changed last week when I was so fortunate to be able to take a class from the designer and creator Jen Starr! Ink Boot Camp was the name of the class... and let me tell you something: WOW!
I learned so so so very much!!! and Jen is a fantastic teacher! I can't tell you how many times in class my jaw dropped and I just was amazed at the techniques!

I was able to play in my studio most of the day Tuesday and here is a layout that I created with some of the techniques I learned using Distress Inks.
(I thought these were very appropriate pictures to use for such an inky layout!)

...and here are some of the techniques that I used...

I started with the Wrinkle Free Distress technique on a sheet of watercolor paper.
How To:
1. Start by rubbing multiple colors of Distress Ink on to your craft mat being careful to not overlap them.
2. Mist your mat with water until you see little water beads of color.
3. Place your paper face down into the color and rub your hands along the back. (I used a brayer and rolled it all around on my paper).
4. Dry it with your heat gun.
5. To get the specks and spots that you see on mine: After drying it, tap it down randomly. You don't want to place the whole paper down and you don't want to rub... just tap!
TIP: You can put your paper face down on to the craft mat as many times as you want... the important thing is that you just want to dry it between each "dip" into the color. This allows you to layer your color. If you skip this step then everything you do will just run together.

HERE is a great video from Tim Holtz on Distress Inks!

OK... I know that this post is getting kind of long... but I have to share this next technique with you because it is one of my favorites!!!!

Removing your Distress Inks with water...
Do you see how I have poinsettias on my background and on my tags?
This is how I did it...
Once I had my wrinkle free distress background finished I came back with my stamp and Archival Ink. (You want to make sure you have a water-proof ink to do this technique... Archival Ink is just my favorite!)
I stamped all down the edge of my paper and on my tags. (Depending on what ink you use for this step, you might need to heat set it.)
now time for the magic!

1. Using a water pen or a paint brush and water color in your image with water.

2. Once the water has been on there for a few seconds or so, come in with a paper towel and blot off the water.

See? because Distress Inks react with water, we are able to remove some of the color. Allowing our image to really "pop" on our background!

When you play with these techniques, don't be afraid to push the limits! Once you got it, try using different inks, different papers... there is just so much you can do!

Stay tuned for more inky fun... My head is just spinning with ideas!

until next time... Happy Creating!


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