Monday, June 18, 2012

as the journey starts...

hello. it has been so long since i have been here. i am sad to admit that it has been just as long since i have been in my studio. my life got very not right... and i let it affect me in so many ways. one of the most painful was sacrificing my creativity. it is not a healthy place to be... i have a rocky road ahead of me, but this past week i was able to go into my studio and actually create and not crumble in pain. This is what came to be...
to me it is so more than just a tag... every brush stroke, the colors, the techniques... i used what i feel. the tag is ripped in half... it is so important to hold on to creating through the tough times. it heals. it is a release. when you lose it, it's like losing a part of your soul and that is a pain that i do not wish on anyone....

so as i am starting my journey back i hope to continue to share as i create my way back to me....



  1. This is so brave of you. Keep going. I'm sure you'll surprise even yourself with how strong you are.

  2. Honey hugs from NY! Wish you the best and strength! Lovely tag!

  3. Beautiful tag, Christine. Love and hugs to you.