Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project Life Start....

Well it finally peaked my interest... Project Life. I have seen it for quite awhile online and my friends have done some amazing things with it as well... and I am finally ready to drink the kool-aid! Of course, I am going to spike it with my own little twists. I have seen several different templates online to track your week and downloaded a few, but I started out with just a sheet of notebook paper.... 

I listed out my upcoming week and then just random stuff I want to include in my Project Life album.... 
  • quotes
  • lyrics
  • what I am listening to that week, my playlist
  • instagram pics
  • diet & exercise stuff
  • horoscopes
  • Daily Truthbombs
  • things from facebook
  • weekly goals
I am very much looking forward to it. I will share my pages as I go, of course! Do you do Project Life? I would love to see! Leave a link in the comments.... 
Happy Creating! 
XOXO - Christine

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