Monday, October 17, 2016

Let's Have a Little Fun! - Gel Press & ColourArte

Yesterday, I shared a layout that had a pretty neat little tag on it. Today, I want to show you the technique I used.

First, let;s gather our supplies: 
  • Gel Press
  • Paint, (I am using Vivid Ultra-Metallics by ColourArte)
  • Stamp
  • Various Papers
  • A brayer, (mine is a little camera shy!) 

Close Up of the Gel Press: 

The next step, dot up your gel press:

Now, using the brayer, roll the color out on the Gel Press... oh! it looks so pretty! 

Using the stamp, you will stamp on to the Gel Press. When you lift the stamp, you will be lifting color off the press. Have paper to stamp on to ready. This gives you a very cool multi color stamped image and allows you to not waist any paint! 

Now lay your paper, face down, on the Gel Press and rub down with your fingers.

...and wa-la! 

You will be able to get several images from each painting of the Gel Press. The first one bright and the ones after a little less each time. Here are some of my go at its...

Happy Creating! 

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