Friday, May 21, 2010

Kind Of, Sort Of, PUBLISHED!!!

So, do you see that second name in the first column... yes, that one.... Christine Hatchell... THAT'S ME!!! And I had no clue I was in here!!! I was laying out, flipping through some older scrapbooking magazines and I saw something that looked familiar... wait! Christine... Christine Hatchell... and then the squealing started! I was on the phone with my husband, he could not understand me... I had to calm down to explain what the excitement was all about... ME! So here is the listing... I had to "document" it because it is just too cool! Now the goal is to get them to publish some of my work!!!

I have been emailing Creating Keepsakes some of my work to the open call for the Reader's Gallery... I had no idea that I caught their eye. WOW!!! YIPPPEEE!

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