Friday, August 6, 2010

i was missing you...

Scrapbooking our memories not only paints a picture of our lives for future generations but it also allows us to go back and remember the special events, the day to day, and our loved ones. Here is a layout that I created quite a while ago... the pictures are from Christmas 2005. This was the last time that I was able to really visit with my big brother. He lives across the country and I don't see him or get to talk to him very much, though I think of him often. I pulled this layout out today to look at because he has been on my mine. I think that it is time for one of our phone conversations... (they don't happen often, but when they do, we talk forever!) I love going back and being able to look at my scrapbooks. It evokes so many emotions, happiness from all the good times, sadness from loved ones loss, embarrassment at the time's fashion....
So, remember, as we "blog hop", read magazines & books, and look at all the new, fun products on the market, that yes, even though scrapbooking is an art, we do it to record our history, our memories.

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  1. The motto that I live by Christine is that "Every moment is a memory" - glad we are making memories, your layout is great.