Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Stamp Shelves!

I am so so excited to share with you my new stamp shelves! My Dad & my Husband built them for me this past weekend... and they are just perfect!

Here are the basic directions for them... the best part is that they are so so easy to make!
5 - 8' long 1x3's
16 1.5" L-Brackets

They cut one board in half creating 2- 4' long pieces. These are used for the backs.
The other 4 boards were cut into 2' long pieces for the shelves.
The shelves are spaced to where there is 6" of open space between each shelf.
They put one L-Bracket on each shelf for support.

I love having my stamps out to see... I am using them even more and they just look so pretty!
Have I ever told you that I love stamps!  ...as you can see I need to get some more to fill my shelves! lol...


  1. That looks fantastic! I have the angled ceilings in my 2nd floor scraproom, so I don't have the wall space to do that :-( But I sure wish I could!

  2. So cute - just the right touch to make storage pretty too! :)

  3. awesome, I wish I had walls to do that with.

  4. I am in love with your room! That's exactly how I want my new craft room done. Do you happen to know what paint you used and which color? Please shoot me an email at amyjrockstar at gmail dot com. I'd so appreciate it!
    XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)