Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sterilite for Scrapbookers!

Hi! I just wanted to do a post on my scrapbooking organization. Imaginisce asked for organizational tips today on their blog. It started me thinking as they described the frustrations of having it organized at home, but than also when you go to a crop. Well, I recently found a way to bring my stuff to a crop with me, while still keeping my organizational methods that I use at home! Are you curious??? A SUITCASE! Sounds so simple.... it is! Here are some pictures...

Here are my containers stacked on the shelf in my closet....

 When I go to crop, I just take what I need and put it in my suitcase. I will combine some of the containers when I go crop. I also love the fact that I can fit my main supply tote in my suitcase too. It makes it easier to bring with me and I do not have to worry about anything falling out.

The last crop I went to I discovered that my paper folders will fit perfectly into the front pocket of my suitcase.

 Here is my cube shelves... (and my pink walls!!!) Everything is in sight and easy to get to. I have my dies for my Quickutz Revolution in one cube and my Sizzex dies and embossing folders in another... so my tools and accessories are right next to each other. One of the little black cubes has all my extra adhesive that I use. My scrapbooking books and magazines are on the bottom easy to reference. My Making Memories lazy susan container houses my embossing gun, stamp blocks, and other misc. supplies. I just love this setup and it really works for me...

Here are some other pictures of things that really have worked for me....

More Sterilite containers... I love these for my paper. My Cardstock is on the right and the pattern papers are on the left. I have them organized my color. I do have a separate box now for organizing by company.

 The way I have my Stickles, Paint Dabbers, & Alcohol Inks. PVC Couplings! I used 3/4" for my Stickles and Alcohol Inks. (I do not store the Alcohol Inks upside down, I just like having them set and not falling down, it's easier to see colors...) I used 1" for the Paint Dabbers.

 ...and... I LOVE my Ribbon Rings! I have them hanging from one of those 3M hooks that will not mess up your paint. It's on the inside of my closet door.

Hope I have given you many ideas for fixing up your scrap space, if need be... Everyone has their own methods of scrapping and organizing, so it's important to find what works for you.

Have a happy day!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have the same paper containers for my paper, but I have 28 of them. Way too much paper, but when I find something I like I buy it and usually at least 40% if not 50%. I have plastic drawers to hold all my wood rubber stamps and another container for all my clear stamps. I have sizzix cuts in a huge wooden box and the little mat stacks in another bin. I have a bin to make chipboard, one for ribbons and one for all florals. And than the cricut, sizzix, laptop, printer and carts. I love that you shared your photo's. What a great space you have. Dee:)

  2. what are these in? the pvc couplings? did you have to make a box for them? what size? please email me! thanks! Bette