Friday, October 29, 2021


The project I am sharing today started as a fun experiment with my Gel Press and paints. A while back I went on a specialty paper buying spree in search of a similar paper I had seen online in a technique. Now, I have all these different papers and have been playing with how different techniques turn out on different papers. 

This project was made using the paper shown below. Basically, this is a plastic paper....

I used the Gel Press and acrylic paint to create my background. Because the paint sits on top of the paper and is not absorb into any part of the paper, it created and amazing texture background. 

It did take a moment for the paint to dry. I did use my Ranger Heat Tool to help speed it along. I have played with this paper before and one thing that I have found is, if you don't like how it turns out, you can literally wipe it off and try again. This attribute is a blessing and a curse. Once you get your art the way you want it, you will need to seal it with a spray sealer. 

The next step was stenciling the pumpkins with the Pumpkin Trio Stencil and stamping the Witch Silhouette. I then used a grey ink and the tree from Skeletons Halloween Art Set to stamp the trees in the background. 
Once I was done stenciling and stamping and inking up the edges, I came back and added one last stamp: Witchy

All the supplies I used are pictured below....

Make sure you check out so much more inspiration at the links below:

Until next time... Happy Creating! 

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