Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy, Happy Girl!

Hello Loves!
I have some VERY, VERY exciting news...

That's right!!! I am on the ColourArt Design Team! I am so excited to be on this team with such amazingly talented women and to be able to share about art and products that I love. 

Here is the link to the ColourArte Blog...
ColourArte Blog

Below are all the other places you can find me...
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This is my blog... and I remember all those years ago when I decided to start it. WOW!

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I hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend. 


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Resist with Gel Medium - Birthday Fun

Hello Loves! Today I am sharing a fun resist technique using Gel Medium. 
Below are two layouts I did using stenciling, gel medium, modeling paste, and lots of ink and paint! 

Using The Harlequin Stencil from The Crafter's Workshop, I used a palette knife and Gel Medium. Once the Gel Medium dries it acts as a resist. You can see below the diamonds have resisted the paint and ink. 

You can also see here the Distress Ink I used to color the edge of the layout. 

Using a stencil by Dylusions, Checkered Dots, I added dimension with Modeling Paste and Paint. 

The paint splatter was created by "dabbing" the paint dauber down. 

Using an arrow stamp and a heart, I stamped onto my scraps to create a little grouping. I used this throughout all the layouts for my birthday.

Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut out Polaroid Frames for my photos. 

I had a lot of fun creating these layouts. Matte Gel Medium is one of my go to's and I loved that I found a new way to play with it. 

I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday and finds a little time to create. 


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Twinkling in My Studio...

I am sharing another page from my art journal today. I am working on several projects, but i keep going back to my art journal. It is just so much fun for me right now. I also and using this as a submission to the ColourArte Design Team Call. fingers crossed! 

Once again...starting with blank pages... You can see here that I have parchment paper between my pages. This is to protect the rest of the journal as I get a bit carried away with paint, ink, and more!!! 
...and you can see that my parchment paper is very well loved. 

I wanted to play with resist techniques. So using Extra Thick Gloss Medium and ColourArte Silks, I created the color I wanted to use with my stencil. The Gloss Medium is what will resist the other mediums used. 
 I used the Silks to add color to my Gloss Medium. Otherwise it would of dried clear. 

Now time to stencil... 

 After spreading the yellow medium out, I decided to shake it up a little more and added some orange to the stenciling.... 

I loved how it turned out... 

I had quite a bit of medium on my stencil, so I once I pulled it up, I put it face down on the opposite page and used a brayer to "stamp" the stencil on to the page. 

This really made me happy! I then used my heat gun to dry it. This side took a lot less time to dry vs. the other side. It was not as thick. 

Now this is where the magic begins! Using the Twinkling H2O's from ColourArte, I washed color over the pages. I was able to wipe it off of all my stenciling. 

See how the stenciling resisted the Twinkling H2O's? 

I then used another one of my favorite stencils and Distress Ink and created rays. 

A little gesso to create a place for my quote... 

Both sides are now washed in that beautiful color! 

Now after this, I just started playing. Adding some Dylusions Paint, Tissue Paper, Washi Tape and a few photos.... 
...and Wa-La!!! 

Supplies Used: 

Until next time loves... Happy Creating! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

"Water your Flowers"

Happy Monday! 
Today I am going to share my favorite Art Journal page so far...
...and it all started with a blank page.
I love opening my journal up and looking at a blank page... so empty and so ready for so many possibilities!

Using Matte Medium, I covered both pages in various pieces of scrap paper. 

Mixing Modeling Paste with ColourArte Silks, I created a two-toned texture using a stencil from Faber-Castell. 

 I knew I was going to be adding a ton of color, so to protect my stenciling, I painted Gloss Gel Medium over it, once it was dried. 

I then proceeded to go absolutely crazy with color! Using my Silks and several different techniques from straight to paper, to using it as a wash, to mixing with my Multi-Medium. 

I also added a little more stenciling...

I started this page with a very specific quote in mind... 
Here it is added: 

 I chose a Bird of Paradise because of the meaning behind the flower:
" Joy through challenges and successes alike."

I sketched it out and then colored it in with the Silks.

Here is the completed page. It makes me happy every time I see it! 

Until next time...
Happy Creating! 


Monday, March 21, 2016

Art Journaling...

Happy Monday Loves! 

I spent the weekend creating... and going on a shopping spree for art supplies! Needless to say, I am one happy girl. 

My mind has been on creative overdrive the past month. I have played with several new mediums as well as dabbled with Zentangle and keeping a sketch book.

I am happier than I have been in a long time. A couple weeks ago, I purchased an Art Journal, Ranger Ink - Dylusions Creative Journal. This has been one of the most inspiring and soul nurturing projects. There are no rules. Every art journal is unique to it's creator... and I LOVE it. 

Today I want to share the first page I ever did in my journal... 

Here are some highlights of the first page: "Pieces"

The quote that inspired this page is:

"You don't know this new me. I put back my pieces differently." 

This is a perfect quote for me. I have been broken and I am putting myself back together. Differently, but me. A beautiful, crazy, mess!

A blank page. Just waiting to have the inspiration and ideas come to life on it.

Covered in Gesso & Liquitex Ink.


The completed page was perfect. There are personal details on it, so I am not going to share the whole completed page. ...but it is a journal, free for me to express me, my feelings, and my life. 

If you get into Art Journaling, remember: THERE ARE NO RULES! Play, enjoy, experiment. This is your creative expression and it is perfectly unique to you.  

Until next time... Happy Creating!