Monday, July 19, 2010

Week Three yields a favorite technique...

Oh the possibilities! That is what I have to say about all that I am learning in this class! The possibilities are endless... and I am loving it! Below I have the next three techniques. All which are using a product called Extra Time. It is a translucent looking medium that you mix into your paints so that they take a longer time to dry, giving you the ability to PLAY! ...and let me tell you, I am playing!!!

This first is "Extra Time with Tinted Paper". I believe this might be one of my favorites! It is basically a wash of color you can use to add a tint to scrapbooking pages, stickers, canvas, etc... it is FABULOUS!

Below: This is by far my least favorite... and it is just because I need to practice! lol.. This is "Extra Time Reverse Stamping". It has potential, don't get me wrong.... I just haven't been able to get it right yet... I am also out of glossy paper, so I played on some regular scrapbooking paper and sticky back canvas. If you look real close, you can see swirls on the flower and a tree on the layout... but look carefully! lol... hopefully, with a little practice I will conquer this technique!

Below: This technique is just fun! "Extra Time Faux Paste Paper". The design was made by using a comb! This was my last scrap of glossy paper, (I just knew I had some, but I guess not... I searched my studio high & low!). After painting our mixture on we used the comb to make fun designs! The possibilities with this are just endless! Just imagine all that you can use to make textures and designs... not just a comb!

So, as you can see this class has been stuffed full of techniques, and we are just on week 3! Oh Boy! the fun to come...

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